Artificial Intelligence

Federal "extreme vetting" plan castigated by tech experts

Nov 17, 2017

Leading researchers castigated a federal plan that would use artificial-intelligence methods to scrutinize immigrants and visa applicants

Waiting in the Bing: Microsoft's overlooked AI tool

Oct 26, 2017

Microsoft's Bing search engine has long been a punch line in the tech industry, but it's also helped lay the groundwork for the company's leap into artificial intelligence

Big question for US cities: Is Amazon's HQ2 worth the price?

Oct 18, 2017

As dozens of US cities seek Amazon's second headquarters, question is raised: Is it worth it?

Google's Pixel 2: A phone built for artificial intelligence

Oct 17, 2017

Google's new Pixel 2 phone sets itself apart with promises to bake in Google's powerful artificial-intelligence technology for quick and easy access to useful, even essential information.

US tech giants may find their future shaped by Europe

Oct 17, 2017

The likes of Facebook, Google and Apple are facing an uncomfortable truth: Europe's culture of tough corporate oversight, not America's light-touch regulation, may soon rule their industry

Toyota to highlight reading of driver emotions at Tokyo show

Oct 16, 2017

Toyota to highlight technologies that analyze, anticipate drivers' habits and emotions at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show

Google vies to make even smarter phones, speakers, cameras

Oct 4, 2017

Google is upgrading its Pixel smartphones and expanding its selection of other gadgets in its quest to its digital services into people's backup brain

Obama, in Canada, warns of pace of technological change

Sep 29, 2017

Former President Barack Obama says closing off borders won't create jobs in the future because what's changing industries like manufacturing is automation and artificial intelligence

Satya Nadella aims to make Microsoft mighty - and mindful

Sep 25, 2017

CEO Satya Nadella aims to make Microsoft both mighty and mindful

Microsoft AI in use at Macy's, handling service requests

Sep 25, 2017

Microsoft, using its research into artificial intelligence, has created a virtual assistant that can be used by companies can use to respond to customer service requests

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