Pensacola RV Park Promotes Local Bird Watching

May 31, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ -

Pensacola, Fla. — A Pensacola RV park is sharing bird watching tips campers can try on the RV park grounds. Avalon Landing RV Park is featuring their campgrounds surrounded by local wildlife while sharing professional bird watching tips to any camper wanting to try out the hobby.

Avalon Landing recommends beginner bird watchers have certain supplies with them. From their research, it is recommended that bird watchers bring along binoculars, bird feed and feeders, spotting skills, a field guide, and some extra supplies.

Beginner bird watchers should have good binoculars, according to the Pensacola waterfront RV park. Good binoculars tend to range between $250 and $350 because they have superior magnification abilities while still giving users a good range of depth and image to look at. A pair of good binoculars may seem pricey to some, but they have higher quality images for users to see, good warranties, waterproof protection, and convenient weight.

Along with binoculars, beginner bird watchers should also carry a supply of bird feed and feeders to attract the birds to their area. Bird watchers should also practice their spotting skills when bird watching at the RV park. Being able to tell the different species of birds apart is half the fun of bird watching, according to Avalon Landing. This is more convenient when beginner bird watchers have a field guide listing all the information about each of the local birds in the area.

Extra supplies recommended for beginner bird watchers are a camera, food, water, and a buddy. Cameras help bird watchers capture the moment, food and water help them stay out longer and avoid falling prey to heat exhaustion or dehydration, and, lastly, a buddy. While a buddy is not necessary for bird watching, it can help bird watching be even more fun.

Avalon Landing RV Park lies just outside Pensacola, giving clients the nature experience they need. With their competitive rates that include daily, weekly and monthly availability, Avalon Landing has a spot for any visitor ready to relax in nature.


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